Effective Self-Hypnosis – Day 5

Welcome to day five of the course! Here’s a review of the entire self-hypnosis sequence…

  • Close your eyes.
  • Tell yourself, “After this deeply relaxing self-hypnosis session, I’d like to feel refreshed, restored, revitalised, and ready to go“.
  • Take three slow, deep breaths.
  • Relax the face, shoulders, arms, pelvic floor and legs, three times in total.

Give yourself some hypnotic suggestions, focused on the following themes:

1. Deeper relaxation.

It’s okay to relax completely now“.
“I’d like you, my unconscious mind, to assist me in relaxing twice as deeply now”.


2. Accessing a positive, resourceful state.

I allow myself to feel focused and determined now“.
I wonder how many ways I’m becoming more confident in myself now“.


3. Being more resourceful in the future.

I’d like you, my unconscious mind, to make all the necessary adjustments to allow me to feel totally focused and determined at work“.
I’m curious to discover how much more in flow I can feel when I’m working“.


  • Take your time. Use plenty of repetition.
  • Then when you’re ready, bring yourself back to the here and now.

In this module we’ll be going through the structure once more, to help you to deeply embed it in your mind.

You’ll notice that I’m being more free-form in how I structure the language patterns, and that I’m introducing a bit of mental imagery into the process.

Having some structure is useful for maintaining a consistent practice, but it’s equally important to allow for spontaneity and creativity in how you do self-hypnosis.

So don’t be too rigid about the structure I’ve offered to you here!

Just use it as a basic foundation, and then go with whatever suggestions or images naturally come to mind as you practice.

After you’ve finished this module, it’s a good idea to repeat the whole course, at least once or twice more, so that you can fully integrate what you’ve learned here, and make these principles your own.


Audio Module 5 (14:45)

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Congratulations on completing the course!