Effective Self-Hypnosis – Day 4

Welcome to day four! Here’s a review of the sequence so far…

  • Close your eyes.
  • Tell yourself, “After this deeply relaxing self-hypnosis session, I’d like to feel refreshed, restored, revitalised, and ready to go“.
  • Take three slow, deep breaths.
  • Relax the facial muscles, shoulders, arms, pelvic floor and legs, three times in total.

Then it’s time to give yourself some hypnotic suggestions.
As a simple, overall structure, I recommend that you focus your suggestions on three areas:

1. Deeper relaxation.

It’s okay to relax completely now“.
I’m curious about how much more deeply I’m about to relax“.


2. Positive, resourceful states.

I allow myself to feel focused and determined now“.
I wonder how many ways I’m becoming more confident in myself now?“.


3. Being more resourceful in the future.

I allow myself to feel calm and confident at work“.
I’m curious to discover how much more relaxed and at ease I can feel when socialising“.


  • Take your time. Use plenty of repetition.
  • Then when you’re ready, bring yourself back to the here and now.

In this module we’ll be focusing on giving a direct instruction to the unconscious mind. I’ll explain more about this in the recording.

The two key phrases you’ll be learning are:

  1. I’d like you, my unconscious mind to assist me in….
  2. I’d like you, my unconscious mind to make all the necessary adjustments, to allow me to….

These are a little more “wordy” than the previous phrases you’ve learned, but they’re highly effective, and very much worth adding to your repertoire.

Listen to today’s module to find out more…

Audio Module 4 (14:53)

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