Effective Self-Hypnosis – Day 1

Welcome to Effective Self-Hypnosis!

A few thoughts before we begin…

This course is ultimately about learning to communicate more effectively with yourself.

The phrases and techniques that you will be learning in this course use are far less important than the tone, manner and attitude you have when you relate to yourself.

Being harsh, impatient, or insincere with yourself will not help with this process.

When you do self-hypnosis, allow the tone of your inner voice to be sincere, good-natured and encouraging.

In other words, ensure that you are relating to yourself as a human being. Because that’s exactly who you are.

You are not about to learn how to program a machine. You are about to learn how to genuinely guide and encourage yourself, and how to create positive, spontaneous changes in yourself… changes that will build cumulatively, day by day.

By doing a few minutes of self-hypnosis every day, as a consistent daily practice, you’ll find that you are becoming warmer, more encouraging and more good-humoured… both with yourself and with other people.

You’ll find that are becoming more focused, determined and productive.

And you’ll find your life is becoming more fulfilling and enjoyable in all kinds of new and surprising ways.

Enjoy the course!

Video Introduction


Audio Module 1 (15:33)

The audio modules for this course are about fifteen minutes long. Please only listen to them in a place where you you can safely close your eyes, and give them your full attention.
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