Mindfulness for Welcoming Emotions

by | Jan 3, 2018

I’d like to share with you a technique that has reliably created profound, lasting changes for my therapy clients, and it’s something I frequently use with myself.

With practice and persistence, it has the power to completely transform how you relate to yourself and your emotions.


Here’s a review of the steps:

  • Set aside some time for yourself, in a place where you can relax and focus inside.
  • Choose a feeling that has been troubling for you.
  • Bring to mind a time when you felt that way.

1. Notice where the core of the feeling is located in your body.
2. From your heart, say “welcome” to the feeling.
3. Relax with the feeling. Relax into the feeling. Relax beneath the feeling.
4. Be open, patient, and curious about how the feeling changes.
5. Visualise yourself behaving in a much more positive, resourceful way in the future.

And here’s a guided meditation to help you to learn to do this process for yourself:

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