Brain Brightening

 Brainwave entrainment sessions for the Kasina Light and Sound Machine

Brain Brightening consists of eight mp3s designed to enhance your ability to think clearly, to brighten your mood, and to be more creative (based on studies from Thomas Budzynski PhD).
Just listening to the audio tracks will have some effect, but they are primarily designed to be used with the Kasina Light and Sound Machine.

The Kasina is a highly-recommended meditation and self-hypnosis device by Mindplace. It’s also available from

These tracks contain no spoken word elements – just multiple layers of rhythmic sound pulses, with Spectastrobe encoding.

You can preview one of the tracks here…

These sessions make extensive use of the Kasina’s capabilities.

They contain a wide range of binaural and isochronic beats, along with 3D-processed sound textures – all of which are precisely synchronised with the flickering lights and the sweeping changes in colour.

The sessions exclusively focus on the SMR and beta range of brainwaves, which neurofeedback research has strongly linked to enhanced cognitive performance.

Each session targets different frequencies in a different order, so as to provide a variety of challenges and mental stretches for your brain.

This is the same principle as varying the exercises that you do at the gym in order to develop all-round fitness.

Session list:

01 Brain Brightening 1 (18 mins)
02 Brain Brightening 2 (18 mins)
03 Brain Brightening 3 (18 mins)
04 Brain Brightening 4 (18 mins)
05 Brain Brightening 5 (18 mins)
06 Brain Brightening 6 (18 mins)
07 Brain Brightening 7 (18 mins)
08 Quick Brain Brightening (12 mins)


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