Effective Self-Hypnosis – Day 3

Welcome to day three! Let’s do a review of the steps we’ve covered so far…

  • Close your eyes.
  • Tell yourself, “After this deeply relaxing self-hypnosis session, I’d like to feel refreshed, restored, revitalised, and ready to go“.
  • Take three slow, deep breaths.
  • Relax the facial muscles, shoulders, arms, pelvic floor and legs, three times in total.
  • Slowly, repeatedly tell yourself: “It’s okay to relax even deeper now“. “I allow myself to relax twice as deeply now“.
  • Tell yourself, several times: “It’s okay to feel confident and determined now“. “I allow myself to feel a deep sense of confidence in myself“.
  • Reorientate to the here and now, have a good stretch, and open your eyes.

In this module we’ll be focusing on language patterns that build curiosity. These patterns activate your imagination, and they allow you to send your mind in a strongly positive direction.

The two key phrases to keep in mind are:

  1. “I wonder” – e.g. “I wonder how much more deeply I’m about to drift into relaxation?“.
  2. “I’m curious” – e.g. “I’m curious to discover what it’s going to be like to deeply trust in myself, fully and completely“.

Listen to today’s module to find out more…

Audio Module 3 (13:02)

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